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Diet Therapy

Diet Therapy

Naturopathy gives primary importance to Diet. It believes that the change in dietary habit can bring about remarkable changes in the health of a person. The basic concept of diet prescription in Naturopathy goes along with the basic principles of Naturopathy. i.e. elimination of morbid matter from the body. Nature cure believes that the wrong intake of food can facilitate the accumulation of morbid matter in the body and change in the dietary pattern can eliminate the same.

Another important principle wherein it states that digestive system is the system which is largely responsible in causation of disease and the reconditioning of this system can bring back the health too. This principle is primarily based on the diet regimen of a person.

Classification of the Diet

Naturopathy classifies the diet into three categories:-

  • Eliminative Diet: Liquids-Lemon, Citric juices, Tender Coconut water, Vegetable soups, Butter milk, Wheat Grass juices etc.
  • Soothing Diet: Fruits, Salads, Boiled/Steamed Vegetables, Sprouts, Vegetable chutney etc.
  • Constructive Diet: Wholesome flour, Unpolished rice, little pulses, Sprouts, Curd etc.

Being alkaline, these diets help in improving health, purifying the body and rendering it immune to disease. To this end, a proper combination of food is necessary. Our diet should consist of 20% acidic and 80% alkaline food for maintaining health. A balanced food is a must for any individual seeking good health.

Food must serve two purposes:-

  • Supply all essential nutrients to the body,
  • Maintain the acid-alkali balance in the blood.

The second purpose carries a very much value according to the diet principles of Naturopathy in health and disease.

Acid and Alkali Balance in Blood: The ratio of acids to alkalis in blood is generally 20:80. Maintenance of this ratio is essential for health. The body naturally puts its best effort to maintain this ratio.

Some of our foods leave alkaline residues in the body after undergoing the full cycle of digestive and metabolic process; some others leave acidic residues. We may call such foods are alkali-genic and acid-genic respectively. Generally, the acids produced by the metabolic activities such as uric acid, lactic acid, etc. react with the alkalis in the blood, lymph, bile, etc., thus being neutralized and rendered innocuous. But if our diet is replete with acid-genic foods, the body cannot cope with all the resulting acids. When the acids accumulate in the blood, symptoms associated with acidic blood like fatigue, headache, anorexia, insomnia, nervous tension, hyperacidity, etc., begin to appear.

Ten Practical Suggestions Regarding Food

1. Always be mindful of the wholesomeness (or otherwise) of food combinations.

2. If you are not hungry, don’t eat.

3. Do not eat when you are under physical or mental tension.

4. Do not eat or drink anything that is too hot or too cold.

5. Chew the food well.

6. Do not drink water with meals.

7. Do not stuff the belly with food.

8. Rest for a while after meals.

9. Do not take any food while suffering from fever or any other ailment.

10.Eat only one meal, or take only fruits, one day every week.

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