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Fasting Therapy

Fasting Therapy

Fasting excretes huge amounts of accumulated wastes and poison from the body. The building of new cells speeds up during fasting whereas diseased, damaged, aged and dead are destroyed and eliminated. The eliminative power of lungs, liver, kidney and skin is greatly enhanced after fasting.

Fasting gives rest to digestive, assimilative and protective organs and systems of the body thereby capacity and utilization of these organs and systems greatly enhance after fasting. It has bigger role in diseases like Indigestion, Constipation, Gas, Digestive disorders, obesity, Blood Pressure, gout and many more.

True Fast:

A true fast, undertaken with understanding and discipline has the power to cure most ailments of the body, mind and spirit. For the body, a fast restores all systems of the body – the nervous, circulatory, digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems are all regenerated. The toxins and impurities in our blood and tissues are eliminated and our system becomes rejuvenated. It is a rare man who dies from under-eating; however, the majority of all today’s terminal illnesses are rooted in over-consumption.

A fast also is one of the best ways of controlling our mind and senses. Fasts have been used for millennia to subdue passion, anger and lust. They allow us to withdraw our senses from the outside world and become refocused on our own divine nature and our connection to God. Additionally, during this period of sadhana, of austerity, of restraint one realizes that one is truly the master of one’s body, not vice versa. Unfortunately, today, even the Indian community seems to have forgotten much of the purpose of a fast.

On the one hand, it is wonderful to see such a proliferation of the idea of phalhar, and we are glad to see that observing weekly fasts, or fasts on Ekadashi are rituals which have not been lost as we enter the 21st century. However, it is crucial to pause and reflect on what we are calling a “fast,” for, although the idea of fast is still upheld with great fervor, its true meaning and purpose is quickly being obscured by the latest phalhar recipes.

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