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For Family

For Family

Thinking about where to spend your next family holiday? IndraGanga Institute of Yoga Natural Heygine has just the solution. We present to you a very unique vacation that encourages a healthy lifestyle among your family members, especially children between the ages of 8 and 14 years. The wellness camp is designed in a way to offer children a truly fun-filled, enriching and educational experience in our relaxed and safe environment.

Thanks to our years of experienced and endless dedication, we are considered as one of the most reliable naturopathy facilities in India. As a leader in the wellness industry, we already have several thoroughly researched programs for individuals and corporates to our name.

IndraGanga Institute of Yoga Natural Heygine brings to you yet another extravagant wellness camp for your family. We are among the pioneers to organize something like this. To make this exclusive program a success, we have partnered with nutritionists, psychologists, fitness professionals and wellness doctors. Not to mention, we already have our very own team of expert naturopathists on board, as well.

Over the last few years, obesity in children aged 6 to 19 years has tripled. What is even more fragile than a child’s physical health is his or her mental health. The trend of junk food is making our young generation obese and lazy leading to added stress and depression. By utilizing our experience in alternative medicine, we try to help children deal with such problems naturally.

Today, we live in a complicated and competitive world characterized by stress, anxiety and depression. Even children are increasingly being affected with such problems. Therefore, parents need to understand that instilling healthy habits at a very early stage is of utmost importance. After all, as children go, making lifestyle changes becomes a challenge. With the wellness camp, IndraGanga Institute of Yoga Natural Heygine aims to motivate the entire family to imbibe healthful habits from the very start. From simple exercises to diet plan, therapeutic massages to yoga, we have a number of activities lined up to ensure that you never get bored.

So, hurry up and book yourself and your whole family for our wellness camp. Come and live in the midst of nature and allow our team of professionals to drive you and your children towards a more nourishing life. 

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